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StealthCapture Infrared Eye Body Cam for Home Office

StealthCapture Infrared Eye Body Cam for Home Office

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Introducing the "StealthCapture Infrared Eye Cam" – your ultimate solution for discreet and powerful surveillance. This innovative mini camera is designed to blend seamlessly into any environment while delivering exceptional performance and advanced features.

With its shell crafted from durable plastic and anti-fall materials, the StealthCapture Cam ensures reliability in various settings. Activate the recording with a single button press, and experience the convenience of 4 infrared lights for crystal-clear night vision. Whether for home security, office monitoring, or outdoor adventures, this camera excels as your trusted companion.

The StealthCapture Cam offers more than meets the eye:

1. **Simultaneous Recording and Charging:** Never miss a moment with the ability to record while charging, ensuring continuous coverage.

2. **Loop Recording:** Seamlessly overwrite old footage to keep the latest events captured without running out of storage space.

3. **Motion Detection:** Stay alert with motion detection capabilities, instantly capturing any movement within a 5-meter range.

4. **HD 1080P/720P Resolution:** Enjoy high-definition video quality for accurate and vivid recording.

5. **Long Battery Life:** Equipped with a 2200mAh lithium battery, experience up to 10 hours of continuous video recording on a single charge.

6. **Invisible and Silent Recording:** Capture events discreetly with a design that remains unnoticed, backed by silent operation.

7. **Wide-Angle Lens:** A 180-degree rotating camera head and 160-degree wide-angle lens ensure nothing escapes the lens.

8. **Support for High-Speed Micro SD Cards:** Utilize micro SD cards of Class 10 or above, ensuring optimal performance.

9. **User-Friendly Design:** With a strong magnetic back clip, setting up the camera becomes effortless.

10. **Easy Playback:** Use popular playback software like QQPlayer, Kmplayer, or VLCmedia to review your captured moments.

The "StealthCapture Infrared Eye Cam" empowers you with enhanced surveillance capabilities, delivering clear, detailed footage even in low-light conditions. Its compact size, reliable performance, and advanced features make it a valuable asset for home security, travel adventures, and beyond. Don't miss out on a moment – capture it all with the StealthCapture Cam.

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