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Universal Recording eyewear

Universal Recording eyewear

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Every day we run into moments that are worth saving, like work meetings, outdoor activities and traffic stops. To record these moments, you need the right tool. The Clear HD Video Glasses offer top-of-the-line wearable eyeglass, letting you record high quality video and audio wherever you go.

These modern, durable frames have a unisex design. Their stylish look impresses in social and business settings, so even when you’re not recording, they work great as everyday glasses. And when something does come up, you’ll be ready to capture important or memorable moments on the fly.

The glasses sit at eye level with the camera lens invisible Beside the bridge of the frame. This makes them perfect for perspective filming and covertly recording face-to-face interactions. Just a touch of a button activates the camera function. Once it’s recording, you can capture any conversation or activity with your hands free, and date and time stamps on the video tell you exactly when the footage was shot.


Wi-Fi Hidden Camera Glasses 1080P Full HD Spy Camera Motion Detection  Activated Real-time Video Remotely APP Viewing – Affordable Deals Shopping


  • HD 720P 30fps video and audio recording

  • records with the touch of a Button

  • Modern fashionable unisex design

  • Lens invisible beside bridge of frame

  • Glasses means camera is aimed wherever you look

  • Perfect for covert recording in face to face interactions

  • Date and time stamping on the video

  • Memory Card Not Inclusive.

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